By night, I’m Darin Senneff, a (usually) mild-mannered creative director who enjoys BBQ and watching Netflix.

But by day, I wield my creative powers alongside my trusty mouse and Macbook to bring the world righteous designs as The Dazzling D-Man! My motto is to fight for truth; justice; and smart, kick-ass creative!

I’m also the Art Director at a cool little agency called Blueprint Interactive.

Last updated: 06/01/2016


Here’s a small, curated sampling of my work. If you have questions on any project, or are curious and would like a bit more info about something, drop me a line and I’ll be happy to save the day!

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  • User Experience (UX) Design

    Like a chef who plots out every aspect of a seven-course meal, I'm skilled in the crafting, planning, and prototyping of creative whose users find clear, efficient, and easy-to-use.

  • Responsive Design

    Since the first smartphones blew our minds, I've been in the trenches creating designs which adapt and flow to work their best in any size and on any screen. From the visuals to the code, I know the lay of the responsive land.

  • Designing for Development

    An architect is at their creative best when they have an understanding of construction techniques and building materials. As a designer with programming skills, I'm able to design smarter and make decisions which allow for a smoother development.

  • Online Advertising

    I have designed and developed thousands of online ad campaigns which include animated banners, interstitials, rich media, and site skins. From Flash ads of the 2000s, to HTML5 banners beginning to emerge today, if it can be animated, clicked, or interacted with, I've created it at some point.


  • Photoshop Expert

    The year: 2000. The location: my freshman dormitory. I had just seen something in a dorm room that blew my mind (get your mind out of the gutter, sickos!). A guy had cut out a part of one picture and put it into another picture. Using only his computer! This digital sorcery was known as Photoshop 5.0, and featured such cutting edge features as "editable text" and the "lasso tool." Photoshop's come a long way since then (14 years and 17 software versions), and I still consider this versatile tool a major part of my toolbox.

  • Illustrator Expert

    Initially, I blew off learning how to use Adobe Illustrator; doing so only when required for class homework and projects. After all, it was just Photoshop's little sister. Thankfully, I eventually saw the value of the software, as well as the key role that vector graphics play in design, and now use this vector graphics workshop as often as I can.

  • Flash / Animate Expert

    With thousands of banner ads and animations under my belt, along with numerous games and interactive content, I've done just about everything you can do with the Flash platform. Today, even though pure Flash content has fallen out of favor, I still find the authoring software a useful animation and motion graphics tool.

  • Sketch Very Strong

    I was a reluctant Sketch user at first, and stubbornly held out as long as I could in favor of my comfort software. But, once I begrudgingly began using the software for wireframes and prototypes, I immediately saw the value in its ability to draw layout interfaces quickly. I now love using Sketch, and have incoporated it into my normal design workflow.

  • After Effects Good

    I recently began forcing myself to improve my After Effects skills in order to elevate my animation capabilities. I use it to create vector animations for use in video, as well as to create prototypes of the animation and interaction behaviors in my web mockups.


  • HTML5 Advanced

    True story: I began tinkering with HTML as a 12 year-old while attempting to code a Van Halen tribute page (hosted on Geocities!). It even had a poll for visitors to vote whether they preferred Diamond Dave or Sammy on vocals.

  • CSS3 + SASS Advanced

    I love the problem-solving aspect of piecing together a design with clever CSS (and HTML) use. I often look at a design and immediately begin picturing all of the various ways you could build it with HTML and CSS.

  • Web Animation Very Strong

    One of my more favorite skills lately to tinker with, learn, and improve upon. I'm skilled in creating animated web content with SVG, Canvas, and conventionally with good old-fashioned DOM elements.

  • JavaScript Good

    I have a good general understanding of JavaScript and am familiar and knowledgeable with many common libraries, such as jQuery, GreenSock (GSAP), and CreateJS, to name a few.

  • PHP / CMS Rookie

    I'll never have the skills or desire to be a back-end developer, but I have a general understanding of server-side scripting and setting up Content Management Systems. Knowing how servers and databases function and communicate with a website is helpful for anything that is going to be designing them.



  • Blueprint Interactive
  • Washington, DC


JAN '11

Direct and lead Blueprint’s UX, UI, and visual design of websites, landing pages, ad campaigns, and printed pieces for our wonderful clients. I chat over design decisions and recommendations with colleague and client alike so that everyone is happy and on the same page. I collaborate with our development team to ensure sites end up pixel-perfect and all icky bugs get squashed, and I even develop the front-end myself when needed.

Constructive feedback and design suggestions are given to the creative staff that I oversee to allow them to keep being awesome, all while assigning projects and managing their workloads so that nobody pulls their hair out. And when there’s a need for another great designer, I write job descriptions, review portfolios, and conduct interviews to find that perfect fit.


  • MSHC Partners
  • Washington, DC

JUN '05

NOV '10

Designed and developed websites, landing pages, and ad campaigns at a high-volume, crazy-fast-turnaround political marketing agency. Was the lead Flash developer of animated banner ads and interactive content. I directed and mentored junior designers and interns as well as acted as the Interactive Art Director during my supervisor’s absences.


  • FightMetric
  • Washington, DC


MAR '11

Record statistics for on-screen graphics and data visualizations for display during live broadcasts of Mixed Martial Arts events on the FOX, FOX Sports, and Pay-Per-View networks. I maintain accurate stats and make split-second calls during the frenetic action to improve the experience for millions of fans.



  • Ashford University
  • Clinton, IA


DEC '04

Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Graduation Date: December 2004
Major: Graphic Design; Concentration: Website Design
Honors: President’s List, one time; Dean’s List, two times
Extracurriculars: Men’s Basketball Team, 4 years, earning Academic All-Conference Honors three times; Fine Arts Club

Darin’s powers of creativity and perception know no bounds. He could take over the world with the simple click of a clone stamp. That’s why you must work with Darin – so he'll continue to use his powers for good, instead of evil. Good taste and the future of mankind depend on it.”
Nick Snyder
Creative Director, The Pivot Group
Darin is a brilliant interaction designer with a commitment to excellence. I have never worked with someone who possesses the facility he has with design applications. The creative product he comes up with is always visually stunning and the interactivity is full of innovative solutions that are not a result of merely the direction he's given.”
JoJo Spiker
Creative Director, SevenTwenty Strategies
Darin is a multitalented graphic designer with serious attention to detail. You can always count on his layouts to be fresh and clean; his files to be complete and accurate; and his creative ideas to be stimulating - which made working with him a breeze!”
Kristin Jolda
Director of Production, Taoti Creative
Darin is truly a design superhero. He can leap imposing deadlines in a single bound, stop runaway projects with his keen sense of organization and save the world from design disaster. His laser focus can zap the killer bugs that can doom a project’s code and his super creative vision sees possibilities that mere mortals might miss. He has rescued me with his super abilities more times than I can count. And to the Dazzling D-Man, that’s simply another day at the office. ”
George Hamp
Creative Director, Mission Control


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About the Site

As an art director, I get a lot of resumes and portfolios sent to me from designers looking for jobs. From great to terrible, I’ve seen a ton of ‘em; and the majority of portfolios lack something to make themselves stand out in the crowd. A slick design and nice work samples are great, but I always enjoy those rare occasions when I’m able to get a sense of the designer’s personality as well.

With this site, I’m hoping to project the attitude, energy, quirkiness, and sense of humor that makes me, me! If a visitor is already spending time looking through my work, why not allow them to get to know me while they’re at it?

A lifelong gamer, I’ve recently been digging the retro, 8-bit pixel art from the video games I played as a kid in the 80’s and 90’s that has been becoming “cool” again lately. I felt that it would be a unique format to use to illustrate my portfolio, while also being a perfect fit for the frame-by-frame style of animation that I enjoy. To create beautiful pixel art, you must be able to convey intricate details into a simple and clear package, which also just so happens to coincide with my general design mindset.

Behind the Mask (& the Mouse)

I have over 10 years of experience designing a wide variety of digital projects across a gamut of clients. From drawing Larry Bird sketches and terrible-looking Simpsons characters as a kid, to now designing websites for major clients, creating things has always seemed like such a no-brainer. But, while the creative juices are definitely flowing, I’m also a person of order and organization; breathing life into a usable, concise, and practical design from of a mess of content and disarray is something that I take a lot of pleasure in.

As much as I enjoy geeking out in front of the computer, I try to enjoy the physical side of life as often as I can. I’m an avid cook (I make a mean chicken parm.), a perpetually-optimistic Chicago Cubs fan, a bourbon lover, and a sucker for a good sunset.

However, my largest non-arts passion is in the martial... err, arts. I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for almost 10 years now, and I’m lucky to have found a hobby that I’m so addicted to. While there are countless physical and self-defense benefits to the art, mental betterments like discipline, confidence, humbleness, goal-setting, and others have helped me to translate success into other areas of my life.

Most people would describe me as a jokester, a weirdo, a geek, and a creative genius all rolled into one. Making people laugh is one of my favorite things, and I actually used to perform around DC as a stand-up comedian. I love a good prank (even when they are on me), dropping obscure pop-culture references, and casually inserting movie quotes into regular coversation.

Random Darin Facts

Here's a collection of interesting, bizzare, and probably useless facts about me that may or may not help to tell my story.

  • 80's Hair Metal

    My musical guilty pleasure is 80’s hair/glam metal like Mötley Crüe, Poison, and Tesla. I have a soft spot for it, and I’m ok with that.

  • Back to the Future

    My favorite movie of all time. If I see it on TV I’m powerless, and will just say “screw it,” and then watch it for the 3,719,036th time.

  • Competitive Eater

    I'm drawn to silly and preposterous eating challenges. For example, I once ate a 48oz steak to get my name on the wall of a steakhouse. I felt like Hell for 3 days after, but it was totally worth it!

  • Bucket List

    There are a lot of odd things on my bucket list, but one of the more bizzare items is to work a day as a sports mascot.

  • Master Speller

    In the first grade, I qualified for the district spelling bee. Feeling confident, cool, and perhaps a little cocky, I proceeded to fail epically on my first turn, mispelling the word "ball" as "boll."

  • Alternate Career Path

    I love what I do, but there was also a time when I seriously wanted to become a chef rather than go into a creative field.

  • Life Lessons

    No matter what happens, I can pretty much relate every situation I find myself in to an episode of Seinfeld.

  • Christmas Traditions

    I started a Holiday tradition in the Senneff household: on Christmas Eve, everyone gathers around the TV with their hot cocoa and eggnog to watch the classic Xmas film, Die Hard.

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