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Tom Nelson is a Democratic candidate running for Congress in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District. No stranger to politics, Tom is a former member (and Majority Leader) of the Wisconsin Assembly, as well as the current County Executive of Outagamie County. With control of the U.S. House up in the air due to the number of tight Congressional elections in 2016, the race is expected to draw heavy national attention.

Before officially announcing his candidacy, the Nelson campaign needed a fully-functional website to provide information and updates from Tom on the campaign trail to the district's voters and constituents, as well as both local and national media.

The campaign already had some simple branding developed in the form of a logo, but were open to the website influencing the style direction going forward. I used a mixture of bold and dark blues, with kelly green and raspberry red accents to add energy and draw attention to prompts and calls to action. I matched the slab serif of the logo, which worked nicely for headings and other bold hits of text, while balancing it with Museo Sans, a smooth and readible font, for smaller copy.

One difficult aspect of the project was that I had very limited photography to work with. The few photos that the campaign provided were low-quality and generally uninteresting. And frustratingly, there were no plans for a candidate photo shoot. This forced me to get creative and combine what we did have with assets like video screenshots and creative commons photos to create useful imagery.

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