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The Fair Food Network

The Fair Food Network is a Michigan-based nonprofit organization that advocates for a right to healthy, fresh, and sustainably-grown food for everyone. One of FFN's largest initiatives is Double Up Food Bucks; a program that matches state SNAP benefits users' purchases of healthy, locally-grown fruits and vegetables.

The Double Up program effectively gives low-income Americans access to purchase, and therefore eat, healthier and fresher foods that may not have been affordable for them before. I've had the pleasure of working with FFN on DUFB since 2011 as a pilot program in one small market in Michigan, to present day where it is now state-wide in Michigan; with expansion underway in Arizona, California, Illinois, New York, and 15 other states!

Since I've been working on the DUFB campaigns since the beginning, I was able to slowly implement design direction that I felt fit the personality of the program. The brand's colors use bright, bold earthtones that fit right in at both grocery stores and farmers' market locations. I also used a design style that incorporated a lot of simple, flat illustrations of fruits and vegetables. Overall, when you see a piece of DUFB collateral or advertisement, it's easily recognizeable by its fresh, energetic, and positive look and feel.

Newspaper Ad
Logo on Stickers

For 2016, Double Up Food Bucks is now at participating Michigan grocery stories and farmers' markets state-wide, a far cry from the one farmers' market location the program started with a handful of years ago. With the program growing and growing each year, we've been expanding our methods of educating the public about the program and getting new signups on board. Since the program requires in-person registration, the focal point of most of the advertising is primarily to build interest, so that users will stop by the information/registration stand at a DUFB site and get signed up.

Because of this, we opted to focus on simplified messaging in most of our materials. Mainly, the buy/get language in order to emphasize the financial value of the program, something that strikes a chord with all consumers, let alone those struggling to make ends meet.

Bus Panel Ad

Because I primarily work on digital projects, the DUFB campaigns are a chance to expand into print and physical advertising, an area where I don't often have opportunities to work. I enjoyed the challenge of designing things like billboards, bus panels, posters, flyers, postcards, newspaper ads, direct mail, and many other pieces.

Newspaper Full-page Ad

While the advertising media was foreign to me, the design princples were still the same. I designed each piece with the intention of always being easily scannable and informative, while conveying the fun and inclusive attitude of the program.

Postcard Mailer
Bus Stop Ad

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